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Product category and classification of candle packaging

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The company continues to do the original wealth management and growth basically, as a positive response to the county county Party committee "to adjust the structure to the style of" call, expand enterprise scale, improve economic efficiency, the growth of the local economy, market investigation and Analysis on the first year after Leah to the United States Australia Zhejiang Jiangsu and other countries and regions, will cultivate million the paper sheet / Year candle packaging box project, the project can promote local economic growth and the surrounding area of paper, to solve the problem of the Department of labor employment. Dongxiang Province, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province, the new industrial zone. , up 6% over the previous year, has grown to become the collecting books printed newspaper printing and packaging printing business printing special printing and other categories of wealth.
These three types of products on demand boutique birthday candle packaging sheet amounted to 200 million yuan, while the province fine paper packaging film production candle root cannot satisfy this huge market demand, the majority of enterprises still rely on tobacco packaging products in the southeast coastal areas, the share of up to 6. Packaging and printing industry in the past in the printing industry is in a more outdated situation, has grown into a complete range of large-scale use of advanced technology industry, is the main market for printing machinery. China began to build Asia Packaging Center by the World Packaging Organization (WPO and the Chinese government approval, the Asian packaging center as an international organization in China to establish the first world wealth center, has been implemented in Hangzhou.
Annual output of the scale of the size of paper candle packaging box. According to different varieties of food plastic packaging products in heat resistance, cold resistance, tensile strength, elongation, peel strength, peel strength, sealing and heat sealing strength, heat sealing strength, water vapor permeability, solvent residue, the amount of residual solvent benzene, pressure drop, function, function of evaporation residue (acetic acid, ethanol and n-hexane), Potassium Permanganate, the amount of heavy metals, two toluene amine, sensory index, high temperature medium, 21 items were honed. Through qualitative analysis and quantitative calculation, it deeply analyses the necessity, rationality and feasibility of the development of the project. China announced the documents, bank vouchers have been incorporated into the legal management track, the amount of bank vouchers has increased year by year, according to the latest statistics, only the ICBC's passbook deposit amount across hundreds of millions of copies, and the annual rate of 20% increase.
Analysis of project economic and social benefits (the analysis takes the annual output of 000 m2 candle packaging box, box for example). The profit margin of the packaging industry is not increased from the present; the proportion of the new product output value of packaging products in the total output value is increased from the present to the control; the proportion of the total output value of packaging products is from the present.
Innovative products, innovative ideas to us with the candle packaging film products market constantly expanding, competition will intensify, product packaging film production enterprises candle should establish brand awareness, ceaseless innovation, timely launch personalized product conform to the market, in order to create market differentiation strategy, actively seek the market competition advantage ". The product sale price at. You can measure whether the overall industry still segments toward globalization, scale, green! Demand of domestic packaging industry market analysis with the rapid development of China's economy and trade, the packaging industry in recent years to grow very rapidly, especially in the domestic WTO back, I faced a comprehensive intervention in the challenge of international competition, the Chinese packaging industry for the cross century sustained, rapid and healthy growth has a very important significance. Energy saving building projects and production are as far as possible the use of energy-saving new materials, new, new technology, so as to maximize the realization of the energy saving and consumption reduction. The raw materials, fuel and power consumption quota and price according to ultra high estimation (see table) the wages and surcharge staff wages according to the average 80 yuan / month regardless, additional fee collecting fees according to the total wage welfare provision and union management fees by 2 of the total wages.