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What's the meaning of the color of the birthday candle

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Birthday candles birthday candles on behalf of 10, blue birthday candles on behalf of 5, white birthday candles on behalf of 1 birthday candles in many parts of China, people like to light candles on the birthday. In ancient times, do birthday candles than lighting in the shape of the candle body is big, red, and gold are hot; such as "Shou". A candle, to be placed in the table in front of the hall on both sides of life lit out on to put some people send Peach-Shaped Mantou, noodles, cakes, and other gifts Shou Shou axis. In modern life, birthday party but also can not be lack of candles, candle is not only red, yellow, blue turned into 12 color, appearance more little and dainty. How long the birthday party, just how many candles on the birthday cake, but also to a candle on behalf of the 10 year old. The candle was lit, birthday to a blow out, that his wish can be realized.
Birthday candle insertion method
If she is 1 to 10 years old, in 1 to 10 candles. If he or she is 11 years old, if she is male, age ten left inserted digits of the right singular candle. If she is female, then the inserted ten digits, the left is a digit.
Birthday candle
The habit of blowing a candle may be related to the double meaning of the birthday candle. Some people believe that every birthday is a step closer to death. What we celebrate at the birthday party is not only our growth, but also the short life. Therefore, the birthday candle symbolizes a double meaning: life and death, hope and fear, get and lose, and so on.