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Why blow the candles on the birthday?

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Why blow the candles on the birthday? Birthday candles have the idea that this tradition began in ancient Greece. In ancient Greece, people worship the moon goddess Artemis, have held a birthday celebration for her every year, on the altar, and put made of flour and honey cake, which also stuck many lighted candles. They will be the candle light, compared to the moon, the moon goddess worship to express special feeling. Later, the ancient Greeks celebrate their child's birthday, also love to put on the cake on the table, lit small candles on the cake into many, but also increased the content of blowing out the candles. They believe that the burning candle has a magical secret power, when the birthday person in my heart silently make a wish, blew out all the candles can do. This custom has been spread to the modern times, and has been popular in many countries.